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WAXOH.COM highlights the most popular stories from Bustle, Greatist, GQ, Ebony, Cosmo, OUT, and many more. Original reporting includes powerful personal stories from members of DatingPositives, advice on how to manage your symptoms, and revealing accounts from individuals who are positive, including award-winning, GLAAD-nominated sexual health advocate, Josh Robbins.

DatingPositives is proud to be a community partner of the U=U campaign. U=U illustrates the benefits of antiretroviral therapy and seeks to eliminate the unfair and outdated stigma still faced by many people living with HIV today.

Short for Undetectable = Untransmitable, U=U is a simple but important message originally launched by The Prevention Access Campaign that illustrates the scientific fact that people infected with HIV who are virally suppressed cannot sexually transmit the virus to others.

The goal of U=U is to educate people living with HIV (and their friends and families) so they understand that they can live long, healthy lives, and as long as their viral load is undetectable, they never have to worry about passing on their infection to others. The CDC officially backing the science behind the campaign in 2017 was another key step towards U=U being the most important message in the fight against HIV

Josh Robbins is the official spokesperson for DatingPositives. After being diagnosed with HIV in 2012, Josh decided to be radically open about his diagnosis in the hopes that sharing his personal experiences would help others going through the same thing and destigmatize living with HIV. He started the site, I’mStillJosh.com, which features sexual health news and advice.

Josh has been nominated for a GLAAD award for his work, has been featured in TEDx, and won Healthline’s award for best HIV blog in 2017. Josh is featured in Life with Josh, a DatingPositives original web series about living and dating with HIV that you can find on WAXOH.